The lottery has a unique allure that keeps people trying to hit the jackpot on a regular basis. The idea of being able to wager a relatively small amount and still have the potential to win a large stack of cash is every gamblers dream. Progressive slots offer a similar experience, the main difference being that they are accessible in casino settings. Many of these slots actually offer jackpots that can literally turn a player’s life around. It is, therefore, not strange for people to refer to them as the lotteries of the casino.

Why such large jackpots?

Progressive slots are basically a group of linked online slot machines. A certain percentage of all the money spent on each machine is pooled together to create a major jackpot. Any player who manages to hit the winning symbols walks away with the winnings. This is, essentially, the same way offline lotteries have operated for a long time. The jackpots in both cases are fed by such a large pool of players that the collective winnings are often massive. The jackpots also multiply incrementally as more and more people play, making the prize money more lucrative.

The odds

The chance of hitting the jackpot for most progressive slots averages at about 40 million to 1. However, some top progressive slots like Major Millions and Mega Moola do not openly give information regarding the odds that are said to average about the same as similar games.

Although the chances of winning are quite slim there is a certain thrill that comes with the experience. Players’ increase their odds by maximizing their playing time and bankroll. Of course, this does not guarantee the jackpot but it slightly increases the chances of winning.

The odds are similarly arduous for offline lotteries but this does not seem to deter individuals from trying their luck. After all, it’s all a game of chances and lady luck may just be smiling down, you never know.

Make it fun

Individuals have varied reasons for engaging in gambling but, ideally, it should be an interesting pastime that you engage in during your leisure time. It is advisable to allocate a fun bankroll when playing progressive slots. The cash should be an amount that will not dent your budget. Just in the same way that you would decide to purchase lottery tickets at your local corner store after buying essential items.

Jackpot comparison

The biggest jackpot ever to be won by an online progressive slot player was in January 2013 when an anonymous resident of Finland won over $17 million playing Mega Fortune slot game on the Paf casino platform. Many individuals have become instant millionaires playing games like Mega Moolah Mega, Hall of Gods, Mega and Arabian Nights.
Offline lotteries have also recorded major jackpot winners and the biggest recorded haul was witnessed in the United States when 3 ticket holders shared a massive $327 million jackpot. This happened in January 2016 and is, to date, the biggest lottery jackpot in history.

The Bottom line

Progressive slots and lotteries have plenty of similarities that make them attractive to gambling enthusiasts. The low input high return concept gives players access to collection jackpots that run into the millions. So, whether you prefer to play online or purchase a lottery ticket at a store, you will still enjoy the thrill of potentially striking it rich playing a game of chance.