What Are The Best real money slots?

Reviews for Real Money Slots

If you’re choosing to play a slot game online, do you go for the most entertaining or do you choose the game that is going to give you the best chance of winning a big jackpot? Of course, sometimes you just want to play for fun and to kill time or hone your skills. But there’s something about winning a huge cash jackpot that really appeals. Real money slots add that extra dimension to your gameplay. As they say, it matters more when there’s a bit of money on it.

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Play Mega Moolah Slot Game

mega moolah slot game

The current world record holder for pay outs, this is the obvious place to start. This game is probably the best known real money slot game in the world and was developed by Microgaming. So far it has paid out millions in prize money and claimed its place in the record books when one lucky punter scooped a colossal £13 million from just one 25p stake. Not bad for a day’s work.

The slot has an African theme like you’re on a safari. There are bright and colourful animations which keep you entertained as you play. In all, there are four progressive jackpots to play for which can all be won with the spin the wheel bonus round. The Mega progressive prize is always a guaranteed million pounds so there is always a chance to win some life-changing cash.

Of course, it’s not all about the big money. It’s also a lot of fun to play. Plus there are double payouts, free spins and plenty of other bonuses. You can find Mega Moolah at any online casino that supports Microgaming games.

BEST CasinoS For Mega Moolah

Play Megafortune Slot

mega fortune slot game

This game is absolutely dripping with glitz and glamour. The imagery is all about champagne, luxury yachts and sports cars. So it’s no surprise that you can win some big money by playing it. It previously held the record on two separate occasions for the biggest ever payout and although it has been knocked off its perch by Mega Moolah, it still has a reputation as a game to play if you want to win big.

There are three jackpots up for grabs at any one time, which can all be won during the bonus round. Line up three symbols and you enter the jackpot game to spin the three-stage wheel of fortune. Each time you spin you have the chance to make it a step closer to a really big jackpot win. If you make it to the centre, then you could be walking away with millions.

The game was designed by NetEnt and is available at various online gaming sites.


Where to play Starburst Slot Game

age of gods slot game

This is the number one game for UK players and is another NetEnt title. The real draw of the game is that it is visually stunning with its bright and bold graphics really catching the eye. It is also very fast paced, which is good news for experienced players who like to get on a roll.


The innovative features include Starburst Wilds which replace the usual wild symbols from other slots games. And you can also win both ways, which differs from most other slot games on the market. And because the wilds stay in place for up to three spins there is the chance to win some really big jackpots.

As mentioned, it is a really popular game and can be found in plenty of UK-based online casinos.


Age of the Gods Review

starburst slot game

Not just one slots game but a whole selection. They are all based around Greek mythology and boast a huge jackpot. Each of the ten games you can play is based around a different god, with the King of Olympus, Goddess of Wisdom and Fates being some of the most popular.


Each game gives you the chance to win four jackpots and these jackpot rounds can be triggered at any point. So you don’t always need a winning round to play for big money. The biggest of the jackpots is the Ultimate Power jackpot which can be in the millions but the other prizes are also very exciting.



BEST CASINOS FOR  Age of the Gods

Playing for fun is great. But there is nothing like playing for big bucks. With each of the four above games, a big win really could change your life. Of course, there are thousands of real money slots games out there and each has its own themes, gameplay ideas and jackpots. There’s not time to play them all but it’s always worth trying out a few to see which suits your style.