New Slot Sites in 2018

The online casino world expands all the time, with the appearance of new casinos and bingo sites that offer slots in various forms. Bearing in mind that the internet is largely global (with the exception being that reputable sites are limited to certain regions by licensing), it’s no surprise that new sites are available all the time.

However, not all are created equal! Some are simply a reskin of another site, which happens sometimes with companies that have several casinos, while others are brand new and original, with some quirky ideas. Some are easy to navigate, others are obtuse. The range of slots on offer can also vary a lot, so that’s why we keep an eye on the latest slot sites to arrive. 2018 has seen several sites pop up, so this is a good place to find out what they can offer you.


New Slot Site Reviews

We try to review all the new slot sites that arrive on the internet, keeping abreast of developments so that players can find the hottest spots to play slots! When a new casino appears, it tends to be a big deal, but we also hate to rush to a judgement- a new site deserves a fair amount of playtime and usage to judge the pros and cons.

When our new site reviews are ready (or we’ve got a new or updated review of an older casino site), you can find it right here on in the casino section. Watching out for new slot sites is a worthwhile endeavour, especially for those chasing bonuses or looking for a new favourite game.


What we review slot sites on

When we look at a new site, we review it, based on a set of criteria considered for balance, fairness and consistency. Unlike many casino review sites, we are honest and will point out flaws that we find, or anything that could be improved. There’s no other way for players to find the top sites!

We look at a range of factors, including but not limited to design, promotions, games, mobile, safety and support. So, we start with design factors like navigability- is the site easy to use? Can sections be found easily? It’s amazing how many casinos make it hard to locate support or search for a game.

We then look at promotions, because new welcome bonuses are a major reason why players pick a new site. Furthermore, ongoing offers make sites more rewarding, more interesting and give players reasons to come back. The game selection comes high on our list too, because ultimately that’s why you play any casino site. Does it have the latest games? Is there a mixture of providers? Does it offer live dealer games as well as slots?

Lastly, we look at mobile apps and sites to see how easy the casino is to use on the go, plus safety and support. Safety refers to licensing and responsible gaming (never use an unlicensed casino!) and support is about how easy it is to get hold of help if things go wrong on the site. A lack of helpful support is a big turn-off, especially if there’s a problem with your money.


What makes a great new slot website?

We feel that the best sites focus on players. A smooth design is better than a very fancy one. A useful FAQ can save players needing the support team at all.  Good mobile sites make the site fun on the go or on a work break, while a variety of slots is more interesting for players and more likely to keep you coming back.

A strong theme is a huge plus, as it makes a site fun and shows that the people running it want to make the site stand out. Paying attention to these details demonstrates that the site isn’t just another pop-up slot site out to make money quickly. Good loyalty offers and promotions are pretty important too!


When should you play at a new slot site?

On the note of offers, the best time to play a new slot site is when it first appears. This is when the welcome bonus will be the juiciest, as the casino desperately needs to build a player base. They’ll be offering the best terms and biggest possible welcome package to get people to sign up! This often includes free spins and may even feature a no-deposit bonus, as the site really needs new customers to just take a look around and get comfortable.

Note that visiting a site further down the line is no bad thing, either. This gives time for reviews to pop up, such as our own on the casino review pages. Player feedback will start to appear too, real accounts of what the site is like to deal with. Furthermore, any time a site decides to revamp, or there’s a seasonal event (like Christmas), or a new slot is released, watch out for more special offers for new joiners.