New Mobile Slot Games 2018

Slots are forever innovating - just look how far they’ve come from the days of one-armed bandits in arcades. From mechanical games to computer-powered slots, to video slots that can be played online from anywhere on the world, things really have changed. Games went from three reels to five and now some have more - or dispense with reels entirely! But the next big frontier for slots is mobile gaming, which is a logical step from playing on a PC. Smartphones and tablets can easily run the same sites and graphics as home computers now, so they can also run the latest slot games! This is especially true since the best developers build their games with mobile in mind now, so they run well and are laid out to suit a smaller screen. Watching out for the new mobile slot games is a great way to get more enjoyment from online casinos and have a flutter on the move.

What is a mobile slot?

A mobile slot is essentially a normal online slot game which has been designed for play on a mobile or tablet device. The major slot providers (companies that design and make slot games) almost always design slots with mobile in mind now, some even focusing more on mobile than desktop. This is because more people than ever are playing games on their phones, even while they’re at home, due to the ease and convenience they represent. New mobile slots are often supported by special offers. Several games for desktop and mobile have been released in 2018 with some taking on new ideas like vertical displays, to make life easier for mobile users. Tablets can get the same games, perfect for playing on the sofa, or even on a car journey thanks to 4G mobile data.

How to play mobile slot games

There are two ways to access mobile slots. The first is through apps. Some online casinos will provide an app to play through, which will be found on the Google Play store, iTunes store or equivalent where available. Currently, only the biggest sites offer this, but it is handy for quick access and smooth running. Otherwise, the next best option is to simply go to the casino site as you normally would, but on your phone’s mobile browser. This should automatically detect that you’re using a phone and load an optimised version of the site- this is called responsive design. You will typically (but not always) see the same logos and branding on the mobile site, but with a vertical orientation. You use taps and swipes to find games and log in. Once you’re in, you should find that the slots have touch screen controls. Note that some older slots do not support mobile and may not appear on the lobby, even if they are available on the desktop version of the casino. You can choose your stake by tapping + and – buttons, then tap the spin button to set the reels off as normal.

Choosing the best mobile slot casino

Choosing a mobile slot casino should be a similar process to choosing any online casino, but with your priority being the mobile version of the site. First things first, visit the casino through your phone to see how easy it is to navigate. Check to see that the game selection is varied and that it isn’t massively cut down from the main site. Check whether the site offers apps and how well they are rated. On the mobile site, can you access your full account? Can you deposit and withdraw smoothly and access to customer support? Some sites don’t have a function for live support chat on mobile. Try some games in demo mode to see how the touch screen controls work and make sure the loading times are good on mobile. After these factors, just consider the things that we consider when reviewing sites. All good online casinos have big welcome bonuses, regular promotions for those who stick around, helpful support, good security and of course a license. Check out our casino review pages for inspiration and information!