The Best Paying Slot Games 2018

New slot players will often dive right into the selection of games without much thought, heading for whatever takes their fancy. That’s fine- in fact it’s probably the best way to get enjoyment from slot games- but there is another approach that appeals more to veteran players who have seen what the slots world has to offer. The second approach is to focus on the best paying slots. Keen gamblers will know that not all slots pay out in the same way, being balanced a certain way by their creators to pay more often or less often, bigger amounts or smaller amounts. The key to finding out how well slots pay is through the RTP or Return to Player, but always remember that this is still just an average amount. Through RTP and the idea of ‘volatility’, players can have a better idea of what to expect from their favourite slots.

Slot Machine Strategy to Win

Naturally, all players will look for a winning slot machine strategy, sooner or later. Unfortunately, there’s no hard and fast system that always wins at slots- the people making them take these things into account! But, there are some things you can do to improve your odds of a win, such as aiming for high RTP slots. Volatility is also worth considering. This concept is used to describe how games behave. So, a low volatility slot will pay out more often, usually in smaller amounts. It’s less volatile because it’s a bit easier to predict; you can expect to get wins fairly often, just don’t expect them to be huge (and remember that it’s still always a gamble, with a chance of failure). High volatility slots pay out less often but tend to have bigger wins. So, it’s a bit more unpredictable, like a volcano- nothing happens for a while, then it erupts! Large jackpot games tend towards high volatility. These slots are riskier and can really eat your cash. You can usually find out the volatility of your slot through slot game reviews. While there’s no guaranteed way to win, you can at least have some idea of how the games behave.

Best Paying Slots Are The Highest RTP Slots UK

Slot games are all made with an RTP number. This is tied in with volatility, as a high RTP tends to be less volatile (but this is not always true). These slots pay out more often, which may mean smaller wins each time. Those looking for the best odds of a win should look at the highest RTP games. UK players can find some RTP’s in the high 90s- anything over about 96% has a good RTP. Quickspin’s Big Bad Wolf pays out 97.35%, making it a high payer, but NetEnt’s Jackpot 6000 has 98.9%, better still! One of the highest out there is Playtech’s Goblin Cave, with a 99.3% Return To Player. Check out Immortal Romance in our review section with a 96.8% RTP and a fun vampire theme.

What is RTP Slots?

RTP or Return To Player is a percentage that tells us how much a slot pays out on average, over time. So, an RTP of 95% pays out 95% of what is put into it. If you spend £100, you’ll (theoretically) get £95 back. The remaining £5 or 5% is known as the ‘house edge’, which is what the casino makes from hosting the slot. Naturally, that figure is an average and it applies to all users, over all time. You can and will win back less than the RTP amount. When you win a profit, someone else could be losing, while overall it averages that 95% is being paid out. The higher the RTP of a game, the better your odds of getting money back. However, do note that there’s no guarantee with averages and that small increments in percentages may not have much visible effect in-game.

What are the best ways to play RTP slots?

Look for the RTP on your favourite slots by checking out our review pages or searching the internet. The best way to use this information is to simply understand that the slot will behave a certain way. Seeking out high RTP games does give you a slightly better chance at a win (or at least getting more payouts). However, a lower RTP probably has some other trade-off in the game, such as a jackpot. RTP information is helpful if you want to understand the world of casino gaming better, but ultimately the smartest course of action is to choose the slots you enjoy most. Or, those which are tied to a certain promotion that you want to cash in on. Chasing a few percentages here and there is not as important as enjoying a slot’s features, artwork and animations.