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How to choose the best slot game for your playing style

The best thing about being an online slot enthusiast today is the sheer number of games at your disposal. Online slots are among the most popular casino games online, game developers continue to produce engaging games for various markets. But with numerous games to choose from, it may not be that easy to find games…

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Leila Ashton, Director of HR Microgaming Q&A Insight Interview

Leila Ashton, Director of HR

Interview with Leila Ashton, Director of HR Micro Gaming  the gaming industries leading provider.   You can see Microgaming featured by major providers at Exhibitions and Convention Events like London Affiliate Conference at excel London. There are countless opportunities to see this goliath in iGaming in action and in this article you will read about how…

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How to maximize on casino bonuses to increase winnings

How to maximize on casino bonuses to increase winnings Online casinos normally offer incentives to players as a way of encouraging customer loyalty. Bonuses are a common promotional feature that can be capitalized on by players to enhance their chances of winning.  The emergence of loyalty programs has actually spawned a breed of players known…

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When progressive slots become lotteries

progressive slots the lottery

The lottery has a unique allure that keeps people trying to hit the jackpot on a regular basis. The idea of being able to wager a relatively small amount and still have the potential to win a large stack of cash is every gamblers dream. Progressive slots offer a similar experience, the main difference being…

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